Our Staff

“Our patients are our family at Connecticut Family Orthopedics”

At Connecticut Family Orthopedics, we focus on patient needs and the best manner in which to restore orthopedic health. All Physicians and Physician Assistants at Connecticut Family Orthopedics are board certified or board eligible. Professional privileges are maintained at the Danbury Hospital, Danbury Surgical Center, and Bridgeport Hospital.

Each of our offices maintains in house reception/registration, clinical, radiology, test scheduling, surgical scheduling, financial assistance, legal affairs and Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) sections, designed to insure a seamless, efficient experience.

General Questions and Inquiries

Dana Amundsen, Bookkeeper

Melanie Clack-Blye, Practice Manager / Director of Legal Services

Cortney Hill, Billing & Analytics Manager

Jennifer Soo, Workers’ Compensation

Maria Pasqualone, Medical Records