What is Physical Therapy?

The Treatment of disease, injury or deformity by physical methods such as manual techniques, modalities, and exercises rather than by prescriptions or surgery.

Our providers will utilize and follow well designed standards of care based on early, aggressive rehab philosophies for use in diagnosing and treating injured patients in a timely manner. Our Providers offer individualized treatment within the boundaries of medical protocols and restrictions providing prompt reporting and accurate communication with the medical Providers. 

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

To restore the patient’s range of motion, strength and endurance after an injury or surgery, Orthopedic care is paramount. By following a customized plan, a patient’s weaknesses and limitations can be alleviated or eliminate. Our Orthopedic clinicians are knowledgeable and trained in treating surgical procedures of all types so as to provide optimal treatment for each patient’s individual needs. 

Specific treatment may involve stretching exercises allowing muscles and other soft tissue to release tension and increase range of motion. Our clinicians can also implement specific strengthening exercises directed to the body part by using PRE’s (Progressive Resistive Exercises) and/or gym exercise equipment in order to increase overall muscle strength and endurance. Additionally, hands on treatment, soft tissue, and electrical stimulation are modalities that assure excellent outcomes with our patients.
Agility Physical Therapy

Our Danbury location is the home of Agility Physical Therapy, where we offer rehabilitation physical therapy services in the same building as our practice and Orth-Prompt. At Agility, we customize our therapy services to meet your needs, offering physical, occupational, hand, post-fracture, and post-surgical therapy.

Simply put, all of your orthopedic needs can be met in one convenient location.

We can offer the following:

• ACL/PCL reconstruction   
• Balance coordination dysfunction treatment
• Carpal tunnel treatment
• Custom fit thermoplastic splinting
• Gait analysis and training
• Herniated disc treatment   
• Ligament and joint pain treatment  
• Neck and back pain treatment  
• Post fracture treatment   
• Post-surgical treatment/protocols  
• Rotator cuff repair
• Sports injury treatment   
• Treatment of tendonitis/bursitis related to cumulative trauma disorders
• Total knee arthroplasty    
• Total shoulder/reverse shoulder treatment
• Work conditioning programs
• Work related injury treatment
What Are the Limits of Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy does have limitations. There are physical conditions and injuries that are beyond the scope of a physical therapist's treatment methods. For example, if a ruptured disc is the source of neck or back pain, surgery may be necessary to relieve the pain. In such cases, a physical therapist would be part of a patient's postoperative rehabilitation routine. For patients with a permanent disability, a PT may not be able to cure the disability, but they may be able to mitigate the effects of the disability.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions about physical therapy, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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